OUR Mission 

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the ISLAND project


The mission of Save Against Sickling is simple. We will support the sickle cell community in Dominica with our utmost efforts. Our first charitable aspiration will be to raise funds with the goal to provide a standard sized blood refrigerator to Princess Margaret Hospital and the supplies required to properly handle blood in the laboratory.


Once the capacity for blood storage is underway, we plan to organize a blood donor registration event and blood drive to be held on Ross University School of Medicine campus allowing the students to give back to their surrounding community. We would love to get to a point where the blood drive would be held semesterly calling it FILL THE FRIDGE with hope of doing just that!


With your generous donation whether it be financial or blood, we will strive to help sickle cell patients in Dominica to receive the treatment that they deserve. Save Against Sickling plans to work together with Dominica's Salybia Mission Project, Sickle Cell Cares Foundation, Princess Margaret Hospital and Ross University School of Medicine to move forward with this goal.

“Our prayers for others

flow more easily than those for ourselves.

This shows we are made to live by charity.” 

- CS Lewis