You can't CHANGE the WORLD  

 if you have never SEEN it 


While attending Ross University School of Medicine, there was a great opportunity to study for 16 months on the island of Dominica in the West Indies. Aside from pursuing a future in medicine, the experience on the Caribbean's Nature Island was filled with the warmest people and a mellow way of living. 


A memory of a biochemistry class inspired Save Against Sickling. In order to understand sickle cell anemia and empathize with our patients, the professor had invited a guest speaker who spent his entire life suffering the complications of sickle cell disease. Stories of excruciating aches in all of his bones, gasping for his next breath, painful swelling in his hands and incessantly worrying about his health from drinking enough water in the sweltering heat under the Carribean sun to avoiding potential infections that surrounded him everywhere.


A discussion was held about the pathophysiology of the illness as well as clinical symptoms, prevention and treatment. One of the treatments of a sickle cell crisis when patients undergo an exacerbation of sickling is blood transfusion therapy. Unfortunately, there were no resources for blood...


We became passionate about this dilemma. His suffering became our concern. His pain ignited our mercy. His hope and strength IS the foundation of this charity's purpose. 


An entire campus of healthy medical students with healthy blood located in an area where the sickle cell disease was tremendous and there was no blood. IT SIMPLY DID NOT MAKE SENSE. However, they did not have the capacity to store the blood... We became determined to change this situation and thus, launched Save Against Sickling, Inc.